Ed Driscoll

Mooch Gets Mauled

With a 4-7 record this year, it’s not all that surprising that the Detroit Lions fired head coach Steve Mariucci and some of his assistants today. “Mooch” is the first coaching casualty of the season–no doubt several more will be joining him by early next year.

On Saturday, Cris Carter wrote that if Mariucci was to get the axe, team president Matt Millen should join him:

Everyone is talking about Steve Mariucci being fired as the Detroit Lions’ head coach, but team president Matt Millen should be mentioned in the same breath.

Millen hired Mariucci, who was Millen’s second hire since taking over the franchise in 2001. He also drafted the talent, selecting a wide receiver with a first-round pick the last three years. So Millen has to shoulder some of the blame, too, for the Lions’ disappointing 4-7 season.

I don’t see Mariucci keeping his job after the season. But if he goes, Millen doesn’t deserve to stay, either.

He’s still there for now–it will be interesting if that holds true ’til next September.