Ed Driscoll

Manufacturing Dissent

Human Events explains how the attack on Bill Bennett in late September was staged and calls for an alternative to AP to be formed.

Hey–now there’s a thought!

(Via Power Line.)

Meanwhile, speaking of the man who’s book title we parodied in the headline above, Roger L. Simon is surprised as to how small Noam Chomsky’s net worth is compared to his influence amongst the international left:

I had a funny reaction to the excerpt from Peter Schweizer’s book published today on Tech Central Station–The Branding of the World’s Top Intellectual: Noam Chomsky. Sure, I agree with Schweizer that Chomsky’s hiding his money from the taxman in a revocable family trust is hugely hyprocritical for someone with the intellectual’s ‘progressive’ views. But what caught me up was the value of his estate – a mere two million. That’s not much for a supposedly successful leftist with international acclaim. Out here in Hollywood, a middling screenwriter has got that much tied up in his house. A real Hollywood leftie star like Barbra Streisand is worth a few hundred million. But of course there’s some justice in that in terms of the market place. Chomsky’s ideas are banal retreads, not even worth the ninety-cents download price he’s charging. Streisand can sing!

Maybe Chomsky needs a duet with Streisand to push his career up a notch.

(Now there’s a Saturday Night Live sketch–or more likely, a “Day By Day” cartoon–that’s just begging to be written.)