Ed Driscoll

"I'm OK" Registry

Virginia Postrel writes:

Two Fort Lauderdale-based companies have put together a simple but powerful site that lets Katrina survivors register so loved ones can find out their fate. Katrina.im-ok.org works with phone numbers, avoiding spelling problems and name duplications.

Tom Foster of CompuNex Corp., which did the programming, sent me an email asking blog readers in Dallas (and presumably other cities with a lot of refugees) “to take their portable laptops and wireless air cards and put them to work.” I’m not exactly sure of the best way to connect readers’ wi-fi cards with displaced hurricane victims, but consider this a solicitation. Check out I’m OK’s site for more background.

Sounds good to us; we just added them below the Red Cross on our sidebar.

Meanwhile, Silicon Investor has links to other Katrina-related missing persons sites.