Ed Driscoll

"A New Generation of Father Coughlins"

Roger L. Simon (found via Instapundit, who has additional links) is wondering whether or not the Democrats are breeding a new generation of Father Coughlins, adding “that’s what it sounds like in the wake of the meeting chaired by Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, once a revered civil rights leader”. That meeting was a mock impeachment trial that Conyers chaired. But that schtick is actually nothing new for Conyers and the left, as Brent Bozell noted a few years ago:

In 1983, Clinton defender John Conyers called for Reagan’s impeachment for invading Grenada. (For good measure, he earlier called for impeachment over the Gipper’s alleged “incompetence” in dealing with unemployment.) In 1984, as he ran for President, and again in 1986, Jesse Jackson suggested Reagan should be subject to an impeachment probe over U.S. actions in Nicaragua. Rep. Henry Gonzalez called for impeachment in 1983 over Grenada and again in 1987 over Iran-Contra. The National Organization for Women and the American Civil Liberties Union advocated impeaching Reagan in 1987.

Glenn Reynolds writes that the new generation of Father Coughlins “was bred 40 years ago; it’s just reaching maturity now”. Sadly, he’s right on both counts.