Ed Driscoll

In The New York State of Mind

I don’t know what to make of this, but here are two recent items about New York’s (exceedingly liberal) senators and the presidential race.

From Vodkapundit:

President Bush and Sen. Hillary Clinton don’t agree on much. But John Kerry’s disgraceful attempt to use Mary Cheney’s sexuality as a political football had them both criticizing the top Democrat on Monday for the sleazy assault.
“I thought it was over the line,” Bush told the Associated Press, in his first in-person comments on the Kerry-Cheney flap.

The former first lady addressed the same topic in a New York radio interview, telling WROW in Albany, “I think [Kerry] was trying to strike actually a sensitive note [but] it might not have worked.”

Sen. Clinton said she could “understand why some people might have been bothered” by Kerry’s decision to use a presidential debate to announce that Mary Cheney was “a lesbian.”

Meanwhile, Orrin Judd links to an article says:

While national Democratic leaders have been busy pummeling President Bush, New York’s senior senator, Charles E. Schumer, a Democrat, spent part of a campaign debate on Sunday aligning himself with the president, saying he voted with Mr. Bush “to extend the child income tax credit,” and that he “voted with the president for authorization to go into Iraq.”

With those comments, Mr. Schumer underscored a strategic reality as he seeks re-election: He is not just content to win a second term in the United States Senate, but he is looking to win big. And to do that, he must attract more conservative voters.

The strategy is all the more noteworthy, political strategists and pollsters said, because Mr. Schumer refused during the debate to rule out a run for governor in 2006. Should he make such a run, firming up support among conservative upstate and suburban Democrats can only help that effort if he finds himself in a primary race against New York’s attorney general, Eliot Spitzer, who is also considering running for governor.

Not sure what this means, except that it is interesting that both of New York’s senators are distancing themselves from Senator Kerry.