Ed Driscoll

Big Media (Slowly) Discovers Blogs

Kudos to Rod Dreher of The Dallas Morning News who excerpted yesterday’s Vodkapundit story on Sandy Berger’s pants and the scandal emanating therein.

I’m not too surprised–I know Rod gets the new media, and he’s been trying to shake things up a bit at The Dallas Morning News.

Steve Green notes that “old media” still doesn’t quite get it in one respect:

Rod, there’s just one thing wrong with your Vox Pop feature — it doesn’t link to the bloggers! And as every good blogger knows, hyperlinks make the blog.

Don’t be afraid to send your readers off-site. They’ll come back. Trust me.

Still, this is a quantum leap for newspapers from the cynical (and unintentionally hilarious and ultimately self-defeating approach) taken by Alex Beam of The Boston Globe, just two short years ago.