ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER: David Brock, the conservative turned liberal journalist who now heads Media Matters, the left’s answer to Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center recently said this:


…journalists have allowed themselves to be cowed by “organized right-wing groups.”

“I think they are afraid,” Brock said. “For a long time, the mainstream media has not stood up. They’ve essentially allowed Fox to happen. They do not cover Limbaugh — he is a serious political figure in this country — they don’t write about what he says.”

OK–so the news media is right wing–but they don’t cover its most prominent radio talk show host.


(Oh and by the way, Rush is featured in Time magazine this week. He felt so comfortable talking to the house organ of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy that he also tape recorded the interview himself, in case Time butchered one of his quotes.)

UPDATE: Tim Graham of the Media Research Center notes:

CNN did a whole story promoting their campaign to censor Rush Limbaugh off the Armed Forces Radio Network. Can you imagine how they would have reacted if an MRC had demanded the removal of NPR from Armed Forces Radio because it was too demoralizing to troops?

PS: Their Web site is hot and heavy defending George Soros from conservative attack this week. They know who butters their panini.


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