Ed Driscoll

WE ARE THE '80s!

A couple of years ago, when DirecTV added VH1 Classic to the line-up, it was a real treat to watch–the early days of MTV (roughly 1982 to about 1987) were tremendous fun, back before MTV blew it by cutting back on showing videos, and replacing them with longer shows, “socially relevant programming”, “Rock The Vote” (Tabitha Soren in a must see interview with candidate Bill Clinton! “Boxers or briefs, Governor?!”), and other pedantic shows. Eventually, MTV lost the zeitgeist so badly, that even Bart Simpson didn’t want his MTV.

For those who don’t get VH1 Classic on their local cable system, or want a permanent archive of those hazy, crazy days of the mid-1980s, Universal has created a new DVD series of video compilations that parallels their popular “20th Century Masters” collection of CDs–and Matt Rowe reviews some of their offerings.