The perfect storm of leftwing cliches in one article–in The New York Times, to boot. As Andrew Sullivan writes:

There’s something really quite beautiful about a New York Times article about a self-described liar, David Brock, setting up a, er, blog, to combat, er, media bias. Brock’s argument is that the mainstream media, including the New York Times, is skewed to the right. So why, one wonders, did the New York Times barely mention the emergence of hundreds of similar websites over the last few years that popped up to counter what they believed was liberal bias in the mainstream media? Could it be that the early blogosphere – which didn’t require $2 million grants to get in business – was too conservative to be acknowledged in the Times? Even when those blogs played a small but important role in the exposure of the distortions and lies once run as news by Howell Raines’ New York Times? No liberal media bias, is there?


The Times, David Brock, and that silly conservative media bias meme, which Al Gore floated after the 2002 elections–all in one article. As somebody recently said, Bill Clinton is forever.

UPDATE: The Times quotes Brock as hoping that “his new project could be as influential as the Media Research Center, a conservative media monitoring group run by L. Brent Bozell III that frequently calls attention to what it calls examples of liberal bias in the news media”. But James Taranto writes:

See the problem here? Brock’s new shop is devoted to faulting conservative opinion journalists for expressing conservative opinions. What the Media Research Center does is entirely different; it analyzes liberal bias in the news media, which are supposed to be objective.

If liberals are willing to spend $2 million funding a Web site that does nothing more than expose conservative commentators for engaging in conservative commentary, can we really afford to trust them with our tax dollars?



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