Ed Driscoll


LIFE IN A BLUE STATE: Went shopping with my wife this afternoon at Valley Fair Mall, an upscale enclosed mall in San Jose. Inside, holding fort in the middle of the ground floor (where there are always lots of peddlers, small carts, and the odd table for insurance salesmen, financial planners, and the like) was a fellow at an anonymous table with a large sign on it with the wording “Have you considered Islam?”. He didn’t seem to be attracting any takers.

Outside, as we left, we passed a half dozen protestors with both large American flags(!) and signs reading “Bush Lied”, “No Blood For Oil”, etc. Apparently they’re there every weekend.

I didn’t realize that for some people, it would be September 10th so quickly again in San Jose.

UPDATE: As ususal, James Lileks helps put things in perspective.