Ed Driscoll

THE BILL SHOW: The great

THE BILL SHOW: The great P.J. O’Rourke does one of the things which he does best: savage Bill Clinton:

Clinton understands what motivates the North Koreans. It’s the same thing that motivates him, although North Korean revelations were explosive in more than the New York Post sense. Clinton explained matters to the audience: “Why were they building bombs? It’s the only way anyone pays attention to them.”

Clinton proposed a new Marshall Plan for war-torn parts of the earth, such as the Middle East. It’s an interesting idea, giving generous economic assistance to countries with the world’s largest petroleum reserves. Plus, I thought, I did that this morning when I filled up the Suburban. Clinton said, “We spend less than one percent of our budget on direct foreign assistance.” But he had a little lapse there and forgot to count the 17.8 percent that we spend guaranteeing, with our Army, Navy, and Air Force, the existence of live foreigners to assist. (Even if the foreigners with the best guarantees