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ADVANTAGE ED! Back on Monday,

ADVANTAGE ED! Back on Monday, I linked to Peggy Noonan’s essay, comparing Clinton and Carter with Ike and Nixon and wrote:

Richard Nixon…continues to grow in stature.

(Which isn’t to say that I think Nixon was a great president–just the opposite. But add Noonan’s take on how he acted during the Bay of Pigs to his resignation in the face of impeachment, and choice to not fight an ugly protracted and divisive battle after having lost a razor-thin election to Kennedy. Carter, Clinton and Gore continue to make Nixon look classier in retrospect. And that’s quite an accomplishment.)

Today on his Web site, Rush Limbaugh writes (or maybe it’s a transcript of his radio show):

Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter have actively slammed Bush, to the point where Carter accepted that Nobel Peace Prize knowing it was given to him not for merit, but as a “kick in the leg” to Bush. I want you to read Peggy Noonan’s latest Wall Street Journal column contrasting the behavior of two leading “anti-war” executives with what JFK faced after the Bay of Pigs fiasco.

That disaster could’ve been juicy fodder for JFK’s 1960 opponent, former Vice President Richard Nixon, or for JFK’s predecessor in the big chair, General Dwight D. Eisenhower. Instead, Nixon and Ike stood by Kennedy’s side, because that meant standing with America. That’s the same reason Nixon didn’t contest the ’60 election vote where dead people voted in Chicago, and he lost by about half a percentage point. The Democrats have sunk below even the man they revile most! Amazing.

(Emphasis mine.) Hey, you heard it hear first, folks, on the EBD network.