Ed Driscoll


FROM THE WOMAN WHO BROUGHT YOU THE VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPIRACY: Hillary Clinton is apparently playing fast and loose with the truth once again. Jay Caruso writes:

She said specifically that two Republican Senators were elected this past November on the Confederate Flag. Problem is, being the coward she normally is when she makes such accusations, is that she didn’t name names.

So who was it? Elizabeth Dole? Lindsey Graham? Saxby Chambliss? Lamar Alexander? Which one?

Bill Kristol was going off about this on Fox News Sunday and for good reason. If United States Senators have to be accountable for the things they say and give explanations for what they say, then Clinton is no different.

Chances are, Hillary won’t say anything else about this unless asked and for good reason: It’s a lie. That’s right. She didn’t stretch the truth. She didn’t exaggerate. She flat out lied, and she should be held accountable for it.

She won’t be, which is too bad, because the Democrats have racism problems of their own that need cleaning out just as badly as the Republicans removing Trent Lott as senate majority leader.