Ed Driscoll


Check out these paragraphs from the CNN article on Iraq expelling foreign journalists:

Eason Jordan, CNN’s chief news executive, said the planned expulsion is “a draconian measure that will sharply curtail the world’s knowledge about what is happening in Iraq.” Jordan said CNN stands by Arraf and all of CNN’s Iraq reporting as “accurate, fair, and forthright.”

If half of the things reported in the New Republic story we linked to last week on how Iraq manipulates its coverage are true, how on earth can Jordan say that with a straight face? (Insert obligatory Orwell reference of your choice here.)

And then there’s this one:

Jordan dismissed as “absurd” Iraqi government allegations that CNN is a U.S. government propaganda service. Jordan added that “while CNN remains committed to reporting to the extent possible from Iraq, CNN will not compromise its journalistic principles in exchange for CNN access to any country.”

Ted Turner must be laughing his butt off over anyone thinking that CNN is a U.S. government propaganda service.