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When Malcolm Muggeridge was the editor of the British satirical magazine Punch in the early 1960s, Khrushchev had announced he was going to tour England alongside its prime minister. Muggeridge wrote up a list of the silliest tour stops he could think of, and then put the article to bed, ready for publication. When the actual tour list was drawn up, he had to massively rewrite the article. At least half the tour stops in his satirical piece were actually on Khrushchev and the British PM's agenda!

Which is why Muggeridge's Law is: there is no way that a writer of fiction can compete with real life for its pure absurdity. How else do you explain, orbiting around April Fools' Day, real headlines such as these?


* * *

ABCNEWS.com : Serial Killer Action Figures For Sale Murder Incorporated

Denver Sculptor's Serial Killer Action Figures Bringing in Profits and Raising Ire

* * *

EdDriscoll.com Posted 8:16 PM by Edward Driscoll

FRENCH CONSPIRACY UPDATE: Back on March 9th, we mentioned a French conspiracy Web site, which claimed the US faked the crash into the Pentagon of Flight 77. Orrin Judd says that now, it's not only a Web site, it's a book! Naturally, it's a best seller in France.... (shaking head).

* * *

TheSanDiegoChannel.com - State Senator Calls For Tax On Bullets

* * *

(washingtonpost.com) Upset by the sight of bumper-to-bumper cars, vans and pickups lined up in residential driveways or spilling over onto lawns, lawmakers in [the Washington DC suburbs of] Fairfax and Montgomery counties have had enough.

"Vehicles are not lawn ornaments," said Fairfax Supervisor Penelope A. Gross (D-Mason). "We measure success by the number of cars we have outside the house, and in some cases, it's gotten out of hand."

Their proposed remedy? Prohibit drivers from parking on anything but pavement, and limit how much of a residential front yard can be paved. Fairfax would draw the line at 25 percent, Montgomery at 50 percent.