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“‘Erotic’ Novel Featuring Barack and Michelle Obama on Sale Now:”

A new, erotic novel being described as “fan fiction,” which features the first couple as protagonists in chief, is now on sale.

Surely American literature has reached new heights with the publication of GuestHouse Games, in which Barack and Michelle Obama, “alone in their isolated beachfront guesthouse in the tropical paradise of Kailua, Hawaii,” are “drawn into the ancient Hawaiian spiritual world and into the exploration of their own deepest and most forbidden desires.”


As Dr. Strangelove’s Soviet Ambassador de Sadesky would say, their source was the New York Times, right around this time four years ago:

The other night I dreamt of Barack Obama. He was taking a shower right when I needed to get into the bathroom to shave my legs, and then he was being yelled at by my husband, Max, for smoking in the house. It was not clear whether Max was feeling protective of the president’s health or jealous because of the cigarette.

Judith Warner, an early entrant into the Small Dead Animals’ blog’s overflowing file of “Take Me, Obama” moments from the MSM, explained why she was willing to admit her fantasies in public:

“This is the first president I’ve known who looks, talks and acts like a peer,” is how one Washington man explained it to me. “Notwithstanding his somewhat exotic life story, I feel like I understand what he’s like and where he’s coming from. And despite his incredible achievements, he still seems like a lot of people I know. If you stopped the clock in 2004, in fact, or maybe a couple of years earlier, he’d feel roughly like a peer in terms of accomplishments, too.

As I wrote at the time, “Which means that if he had an (R) after his name instead of a (D) that Washington man would be calling him grossly unqualified for the White House, instead of admiring his rapid rise to power and vapid, chameleonic style.”

And that dovetails well into another moment of Deja Barry from 2009, this one merely PG-13 rated. After we’ve all smoked a cigarette and caught our breath, click to the next page.


Responding to CNN’s Tom Foreman, who embarrassingly confessed last week to writing his own love letters thoughtful daily correspondence from an “objective” journalist to the President of the United States, Seth Mandel of Commentary writes today:

[B]eyond the strangeness of it all, and the obvious questions about bias, lies another revealing element of this. The family updates, the requests for Obama to please call him when he’s not too busy, the wondering if Obama ever read all those letters: liberals, especially those in the media, have a particularly off-putting way of treating Obama as a father figure.

Foreman’s far from alone. Whether it’s liberals writing in worshipful tones that Obama is like a basketball star taking the time out to play with kids (Congress, in this case), or Kevin Drum’s announcement that if he and Obama “were in a room and disagreed about some issue on which I had any doubt at all, I’d literally trust his judgment over my own,” the leftist intellectual class speaks and writes from a childlike perspective when it comes to Obama.

It is human nature to think more highly of those we agree with than those we think are usually wrong. And it is true that the liberal anti-intellectualism of recent years has not yet begun to fade. But the liberal inclination to literally–to use Drum’s word–outsource their thinking to a Democratic president is an Obama-era phenomenon. And this kind of bias as well as the more popular brand of cultish behavior will only get worse in Obama’s second term, with the president’s Second Inaugural clearly expressing the fact that yes, he is a standard-issue left-liberal and no, he’s not Eisenhower, or George H.W. Bush, or Bill Clinton or any other of the centrist personalities to which the left bizarrely and against all evidence compared Obama in his first term.


Meanwhile, Ace of Spades spots the legacy media in general admitting that “Obama Is Liberal Upon His Swearing in for a Second Term (and Not a Moment Before):”

Remember Obama the Centrist, the story the media sold the public for four years?

Now that he’s won a second time, they don’t have to lie anymore, and they’re now conceding he’s a liberal.

But if this is new information to them, where are the stories in which they trace Obama’s evolution into a liberal? Or their own apologies for, and anger over, being hoodwinked for six years?

Of course this is not new information to them; they knew Obama was a liberal at the same time we did, back when we first heard of him, in 2004. In fact, he was the Great Liberal Hope.

They just lied about it. And now, without apology or explanation, they drop the pretense of Obama the Centrist.

Incidentally, part of the reason they’re doing this is to argue that the nation is now center-left, that the nation has been won over to the liberal cause.

But how can that be, since Obama claimed to not be a liberal, and claimed he was not running as a liberal, but as a centrist? And how can that be, since the media attacked anyone claiming otherwise?

Didn’t we also see this at the start of 2009? As I wrote last week, in February of 2009, Newsweek informed its fellow leftists that “We’re all socialists now.”  Around that time, John Judis of the New Republic wrote:


A decade ago, I might have been embarrassed to admit that I was raised on Marx and Marxism, but I am convinced that the left is coming back. Friedrich Hayek is going to be out; Friedrich Engels in. Larry Kudlow out; Larry Mishel in. And why is that? Because a severe global recession like this puts in relief the transient, fragile, and corruptible nature of capitalism, and the looming contradiction between what Marx called the forces and relations of production evidenced in unemployed engineers and boarded up factories and growing poverty amidst a potential for abundance. As capitalism itself–or at the least the vaunted miracle of the free market–becomes problematic, the left is poised for an intellectual comeback.

And with Thomas Friedman praising one-party totalitarian China, Oliver Stone and Showtime exploring how totally cool and dreamy Stalin was, the BBC praising Stalin-loving historian Eric Hobsbawm, and Comcast / Universal / General Electric employee Lawrence O’Donnell saying on-air, “I am a socialist. I live to the extreme left, the extreme left of you mere liberals.” yesterday’s example of the MSM dropping the mask isn’t all that new a development.

Newsweek, February 16th, 2009.

(Presumably, if he disappoints them, and/or if it would help in better positioning Biden, Hillary, or whoever Obama’s successor Democrat candidate will be 2016, the MSM will move back to the center in a couple of years, just as they did in 2011 and ’12. Oceania, Eastasia, Eurasia, etc.)


Finally, at Big Journalism, John Nolte writes “Obama’s Greatest Legacy Might Be Destroying the Media.” But “destroying” implies that the victims fought back, resisted, or were at least more than a little opposed to the idea. In this case, it’s just the opposite. 130 years ago, Nietzsche posited that it was man who created God, and made him in our image, not the other way around. It’s certainly true that the leftwing media created the myth of what Maureen Dowd described yesterday as Barack Obama, “Super Brain.”

And as the above examples from reporters at the New York Times, CNN, Newsweek, the New Republic and Mother Jones illustrate, made him very much in their own perceived image. (Which also explains the smugness, punitive mindset, and a similarly vapid knowledge of American history both Obama and the MSM share.)

Update: “I don’t think the news media has been this happy since they forced Nixon to resign.  And that’s a tough contest.  I mean, when were they happy?  That was orgasmic nirvana for them back then, but I think this is even a bigger deal, because there’s so much involved in this,” Rush Limbaugh tells his listeners today.

After reading the transcript of Rush’s segment, click over to Newsbusters for a related post: “CBS News Political Director Dickerson Doubles Down On Obama Destroying GOP.”


Fortunately, not everyone at CBS has gotten the message yet.

Update: From Steve Green, “50 Shades of White House.”


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