MSNBC's Chuck Todd Blows the Dog Whistle

DrewMusings spots the NBC/MSNBC reporter dutifully toeing the party line:

The Democrats are in a spot of trouble with their convention. You see their big finale is going to be held at Bank of America Field in Charlotte. Problem is, banks aren’t very popular with the OWS rabble (aka, the Democrats’ base) so party officials have taken to calling it “Panther Stadium” since the Carolina Panthers play there.

Of course being a dutiful reporter member of the Democratic Machine Media member Chuck Todd of NBC “News” knows how to follow the rules:


Panther Stadium? That sounds even more racist than words like “golf” or “Chicago.”

(Incidentally, it’s fascinating the amount of Orwellian doublethink that OWS needs to do forget President Goldman-Sachs’ similarly deep ties to Bank of America.)

Update: “Par for the course.  What is surprising, perhaps, is that it doesn’t work the way it used to, for which I’m glad,” the Rhetorican adds.

More: “Calm down partisans” begs the former the former campaign worker for Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) turned MSNBC talking head after being called out for his partisanship.

And Again: Oops: Todd “quotes tweet from Gov. Bev Perdue parody account.”



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