The Gift That Keeps On Giving

To borrow Jonah Goldberg’s quip about RatherGate, yesterday’s New York Times profile of Senator Kerry is the gift that keeps on giving–“bash it from any angle and nothing but sweet, sweet goodness flows out”.


We’ve already mentioned H.D. Miller’s post on how the article implicates that Kerry’s brainpower isn’t on the same Stephen Hawking level that Kerry thinks it is. And the silly, Dr. Strangelove-like Evian bit. And then there’s the nuisance line, which both the James Lileks and the GOP itself has weighed in on.

Glenn Reynolds has a long, link-filled post, with comments on Kerry’s mindset on terrorism ranging from Rudy Giuliani to Eugene Volokh.

Meanwhile, Deroy Murdock compares the pre- and post-9/11 Kerry.



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