Dr. Helen

If There is No Gender, Then There are No Expectations

Do you ever wonder if you are living in a bad Onion article whenever you see headlines like this: “Some Albuquerque teachers told not to use ‘boys and girls’”:

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — An Albuquerque elementary school is raising eyebrows after an assistant principal told teachers to stop calling students “boys and girls.”

KOB-TV in Albuquerque reports (http://goo.gl/hXvK4j) a Carlos Rey Elementary School assistant principal sent teachers a letter ordering them to no longer refer to students as boys and girls starting this month.

The “Gender Identity Procedural Directive” also told teachers to eliminate gender in their classrooms.

The article does go on to state that the assistant principal made a mistake and that it was ok to call kids boys or girls. However, the point here is that the stupidity about gender in our society is getting out of hand.

If no one is supposed to have gender stereotypes or roles, then why not make the best of it if male? If a guy is asked to help with lifting, helping or doing anything remotely “masculine,” the best response to that is “that would be sexist towards women, I believe women are as strong as men and you can do it yourself.” If a woman expects you to pay for a date, why play into such gender-role stereotypes? Tell the woman you believe in equality and hand her the bill. Sure, you will never have another date with her, but think of all the free meals you can enjoy.

And why play the strong, silent type? How gender stereotypical is that? If a girl or woman complains to you, tells you a problem, or needs help, don’t try to console her, that’s just old-fashioned chivalry. Tell her that her problem is very serious, how can she ever cope and you have no idea how she puts up with all the trials and tribulations of this terrible situation. Why try to resolve the problem when this would just be seen as a masculine way of handling things?

Well, you get the idea. It’s too bad men might have to resort to this way of thinking but our society is a crazy place and sometimes one has to adjust to the reality of the world as it is in order to adapt. Or at least have a good time watching the perplexing look on women’s faces as they try to understand the chaos they are causing when it comes to gender identity.