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Reproductive Rights for me, But not for Thee

Yeah, okay, so Obama says male politicians shouldn't get involved in women's health care decisions. It's up to a woman and her doctor to make those decisions, he says.

If that's the case, then women and doctors shouldn't get involved with men's reproductive rights, or lack thereof, since men have very few rights these days.  I hear often from men that they go to doctor to get a vasectomy and are told that they need the wife's permission to do so.   Even if there is no law that demands a man beg his wife to sign off for him like a little kid,   if a doctor won't do the operation without her signature,  he can't get the procedure and therefore, his right to birth control is denied him.   No women need to ask their husband to get a tubal ligation, that would be an atrocity!   Here's the real truth: Men have few reproductive rights, they just don't have a lobby that gives a you know what.