CT Obamacare Exchange, Praised in Rose Garden, Gave Wrong Info for Every Single Individual Plan

(Published 12/12/13)

In October, Obama took to the Rose Garden to praise Connecticut’s state-run ACA exchange, Access Health CT, for being a rare success story among the nationwide failures of state exchanges and the federal exchange. Local CT media was quick to point out his speech was misleading, however. In his push to encourage the young to sign up, Obama mentioned that one-third of Connecticut enrollees were under 35, and were now receiving “a good deal at low cost.” In reality, a full two-thirds of that one-third had signed on for Medicaid or CHIP, programs which fit the description of “welfare,” not “a good deal.”

Now, further information has surfaced regarding the supposed Connecticut “success story,” and that information points to “massive failure requiring an investigation and firings” being the more accurate descriptor.

The Hartford Courant, in an article titled “Misinformation Marred First Month Of State Health Website“, points out that the Connecticut exchange produced inaccurate information for every single individual plan the site was offering …

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