Is Governor Romney's Mormonism "True" Christianity and if not, So What?

Whether Governor Romney is a True Christian has been much in the news of late. His Mormon religion has been called a cult and it has been argued that only a “true” Christian should become the President of the United States.


This article tries to explore some of the differences between Mormonism and traditional Christianity, suggests that the differences are essentially doctrinal and that they are unlikely to have any impact on what Governor Romney would do should he become President Romney.

I consider Governor Romney a RINO and there are other candidates for the nomination I prefer; if he gets the nomination, however, I shall support his candidacy and vote for him; the alternative of another term for President Obama would be much worse.   Should he be denied the Republican nomination based solely on the idea that Mormonism is not “true” Christianity, it would be very bad for the United States.


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