Florida Girl Gets Detention for Hugging a Classmate

Public schools have become increasingly regimented over the years, to the point where discipline has become automated and wholly divorced from any sort of contextual judgment. On Monday a girl at Jackson Heights Middle School in Oviedo, Florida, hugged one of her female classmates, an apparent rule violation. As a result, she now faces detention.

The family has hired an attorney, Matt Morgan, to represent them. WKMG reports:

“According to these alleged policies and procedures, a simple hug given to a friend in their time of need is apparently worthy of reprimand,” the law office said in a statement. “We believe this conduct sends the wrong message to our children. They should be encouraged to be kind, not discouraged. The family hopes to bring awareness to this issue in an attempt to make our school systems a more compassionate and loving place for children to spend their days.”

Such absurdity is only possible in public schools. Institutions responding to market forces could never maintain something like this.