Theresa May Wants to See a Female James Bond

There is now a female Dr. Who. This isn’t a huge deal, though some want it to be. After all, the Doctor is an alien from a race where genders work very differently than ours do. While it’s hard not to look at the decision and roll your eyes at the virtue signaling, it doesn’t change the fact that the groundwork for this was laid long, long ago.

The same can’t be said about everyone’s favorite British secret agent, but that won’t stop British Prime Minister Theresa May from openly hoping the next James Bond will be a woman.

“I do like watching Doctor Who at Christmas,” May told reporters. “I think it’s a great move forward for girl power that there is going to be a female Doctor Who. And one day there should be a female James Bond.”

Yes, let’s give that a moment to sink in: the next James Bond. A woman.

Now, bear in mind that there’s a popular fan theory that “James Bond” is a code name for whoever is given the 007 designation. This has been cited as an explanation for why every Bond tends to take on a different personality. However, it’s just a fan theory, not canon. Yet that’s the only way a female Bond would ever make sense.

It’s also complete and total bollocks, as the Brits would say. There is more than enough evidence that Bond is an individual rather than a codename.

May’s comments mean she wants to gender swap 007 so a woman can have a turn.

While that may work with regard to Dr. Who, it doesn’t fly when we’re talking about Bond. As previously noted, the Doctor isn’t a human, but an alien with an alien gender. It simply doesn’t line up with what humanity thinks of as gender and it hasn’t for quite some time. A female Doctor is just a different turn on a road that was laid long, long ago.

But Bond is a male character. He always has been and always should be.

The only real reason to change Bond’s gender lies not in the films, but in the feminist indoctrination people who seem to think that the only way to create gender parity is to subvert any and all masculine icons and turn them into feminist ones. They don’t seem satisfied with creating new feminist icons in popular fiction but instead think it’s better to take what exists and wear its skin like a hat and hope no one notices.

Theresa May is entitled to her opinion on a female James Bond. However, not only should it not happen now, it should never happen.

Create a new character, make her good, and the crowds will come. If you can’t do that, maybe you should ask yourself why.