Orland Park Public Library's 'Freedom Plaza' Is Not So Free

Orland Park Public Library

On Monday, November 4th, the Orland Park Public Library’s limits to free speech were finally uncovered. They draw the line when anyone says critical things about their policies to the public in the form of flyers they deem “damaging” enough to call the police. This was surprising considering over the years there were many incidents of actual reported crimes that didn’t warrant this action. Considering their open policy to allow any adult to view any kind of pornography claiming first amendment protection, one would think that protection would be extended to members of the public disagreeing peacefully (especially because they have a large outdoor “freedom plaza” complete with American flag and large open pedestrian walkways that can accommodate a large number of Americans exercising their rights.)

Police were pulled away from duty serving the public to explain the first amendment to library officials who claimed to be constitutional experts. Once they had reeducated the confused library administration, officers quickly returned to their work.

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