Gift Ideas for a Firearms Father's Day

June 19th is Father’s Day and there’s still a little time to pick out some special gifts for the father in your life. I’ve put together a list of options and ideas that will make it a breeze to select some special things for your dad.

You can’t buy your father a gun, that would be illegal, but you can buy a gift certificate at many gun shops or big box retailers. Why not make a nice contribution for a future gun purchase?

Here are some other ideas:

1. Extra Magazines

As a shooter, you can never have too many magazines. Find out what pistol or rifle dad likes to shoot and order up some extra magazines to make his shooting experience even more enjoyable. Make sure the magazine is legal in your state. More shooting and less loading!


2. Speedloader

I have broken so many nails loading my magazines, a speedloader is a necessity. I like this one, a universal loader. Pick out a funky color, too. It will be easier to find in dad’s range bag and a conspicuous color will dissuade people from “borrowing it.” Make sure the speedloader you choose is the right size; many are specific to the caliber.

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3. Firearms Cleaning Accessories

It’s an annoyance, but we need to keep our guns clean. Some ranges will clean your gun for a price, so see if the local shooting joint offers a gun-cleaning service and pick up a gift certificate. Or you could just clean dad’s gun yourself.

Another gift option is to replenish dad’s cleaning-supply inventory. Assemble a nice “gift basket” of fresh cleaning accessories. Here are  several options on the cleaner and degreaser front. I prefer Hoppe’s No. 9, but the Birchwood Casey Bore Scrubber also does a good job. And if we’re talking gun cleaners, we have to talk about patches. You can never have too many patches, so pick some up, they are dirt cheap. Make sure they are the right size.

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4. Gun Maintenance

If dad’s a shotgun guy, this is my favorite cleaning rod, the Outers one-piece cleaning tool. I lost mine or someone “borrowed it” from me forever. I replaced it quickly.

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Since it’s so important to keep your firearm operating smoothly, this means lubrication. I like Shooter’s Choice for my shotguns and use Rem Oil for everything else.


5. Ammunition

No one ever has enough ammunition, including fathers. I have found some really good deals at Lucky Gunner and Target Sports USA. Target Sports USA is having an “election sale” right now and they also offer free shipping. Ammunition is expensive to ship so it’s always nice to get a deal on both the ammo and the shipping.


6. Accessories

If your father has an AR15, this Real Avid AR15 multi tool comes in really handy.

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And if dad is a concealing kind of guy, this steering wheel holster mount is really different. Make sure it fits his car before purchasing.


7. Odds and Ends

Perhaps you are thinking about a gift that goes above and beyond the standard utilitarian gun accessory. Orvis has you covered. Here are  some fancy silver snap caps for dad’s shotgun.


Or, you could pick up a shotgun holster to lighten the load when dad is shooting clays. (Look at the beautiful wood on that shotgun!)


Let me know if you have ideas you’d like to share in the comments.