10 Million Pounds of New Jersey Feces Stuck on Train in Alabama Town

Something’s rotten in the state of… Alabama. Or at least, that’s how it smells. The small town of Parrish has been suffering from the putrid stench of rotting feces. Yes, feces.

The Middlesex County Utilities Authority sent its shipment of human waste from New York and New Jersey to Big Sky Environmental, a private landfill in Adamsville, Ala., last year. But due to a court injunction, the 10 million pounds of feces is stopped on a train in a rural part of the state.

According to, “the neighboring town of West Jefferson filed an injunction against Big Sky to keep the sludge from being stored there… Since the injunction was successful, the waste moved to Parrish because there are no zoning laws to prevent the storage.”

The mayor of Parrish, Heather Hall, is doing everything in her power to move the waste out of her town. The smell has become so unbearable that people can’t even be outside without being hit with the stench. And it hasn’t even gotten warm out yet.

Normally, the Middlesex County Utilities Authority takes its waste to its own landfill. But when it’s down for maintenance or any other reason, it has contracts in place to ship it elsewhere. Unfortunately, Parrish is caught in the middle. Fortunately, according to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, the waste has been treated and is not dangerous because it is Grade A biowaste. But that information has been of little consolation to the residents of the town.

Currently, there are no official plans to have it moved to a more industrial location.