Forget the Adultery, Check Out the Cyber-Practices on Ashley Madison

When a group of hackers called CynoSure Prime cracked over 11 million passwords for the dating web site for adulterers they made national news. Now as more information comes out about users of the Ashley Madison service one of the top conclusions is—most of them must be cyber-stupid.

The passwords chosen by many could be cracked by a kindergarten class. The #1 password used was “123456.” Number  two was the even lazier “12345.” Number three was the ever popular password “password.” Other clever combinations included “DEFAULT” and “AshleyMadison.”

Seriously people?

Maybe adulterers get what they deserve, but for the rest of Americans (who are equally guilty of stupid cyber-security practices) it is time to learn the meaning of the term “cyber hygiene.”

There are simple and practical steps that everyone can take which will significantly reduce the likelihood of getting hacked, identity theft, and other common malicious cyber activity.

One of the most basic steps is to not pick a password that any idiot can figure out.

There may be a day in the near future when passwords are passé. Until then—learn how to pick a strong password.

Unless you really don’t care who gets into your account.