Ron Perlman's 5 Grumpiest Anti-Trump Tweets

Reading “Sons of Anarchy” star Ron Perlman’s Twitter feed is like getting inside Keith Olbermann’s head.

Perlman spends most of his Tweets these days excoriating President Donald Trump. That’s hardly unusual. Most celebrities do the same. Perlman, who should have snared some Emmy love for his turn as Clay Morrow, is no exception. But it’s the frequency and tone of the actor’s anti-Trump tweets that may surprise you. The “Apprentice” alum is living rent-free in Hellboy’s head.


Some Tweets are comical. Others are laced with expletives. The targets range from Trump to his inner circle and policies.

Few are spared.

Here are five of Perlman’s grumpiest Trump Tweets of late. We’ve left out the profanity-laced bromides. You’re welcome!

Progressive Pot Pie

Two years ago calling a politician Hitler was reserved for crazed protesters at anti-war rallies. Now, it’s as common in Hollywood circles as movie reboots. Perlman joins the chorus with this Tweet:

Colorful Insults

Gotta give Perlman credit. He mixes up his insults with alacrity. Case in point: this snarky Tweet.

Downright Mean

Johnny Depp got in big trouble for suggesting an actor kill President Trump a la John Wilkes Booth. This Perlman Tweet doesn’t go that far, to be fair. It conveys an ugly sentiment all the same.


Faux Respectful

Sometimes the “Hand of God” star tries a softer approach to President Trump. The purpose is the same as always, but the message is delivered with a gentle but firm slap.

Damn His Cabinet, Too

Perlman isn’t just flabbergasted at the notion of a President Trump. He loathes his cabinet, too.

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