Stephen King's 5 Whiniest Trump Slams

The King of literary horror thinks President Trump was ripped right out of his worst nightmares.

That hardly puts Stephen King in exclusive company. Celebrities are almost uniformly aghast at the commander-in-chief’s antics over his first six months in office. King is just a little more creative, at times, in showing his disdain.

Not always, alas.

King’s preferred method of “resistance” is via Twitter, although the horror maestro doesn’t mind trashing Trump in the media, too. Whatever it takes …

In honor of “The Dark Tower,” inspired by King’s eight-book series, let’s look at five times the author let it all hang out to target Trump.

The Twitter Block Blues

President Trump is famous for using Twitter’s “block” feature. That hardly makes him unique. Many Twitter users lean on the function to make their timelines a little more pleasant.

When Trump does it these days, the media collective stops as if a nation declared war against its neighbor. So naturally, King brought the subject up during a wide-ranging chat with

Getting blocked by Donald Trump is like striking out the pitcher. I have better things to think about.

So why did King fire off a litany of tweets on the subject shortly after it happened?

Never Go the Full Hillary

King is one of many liberals who still believe the election was stolen/rigged/name-the-conspiracy-theory. So he uncorked one of his shortest anti-Trump tweets to hammer the message home.


Polling (Imaginary) Trump Train Passengers

King penned an op-ed for The Guardian earlier this year. What, did Rolling Stone decline the mighty King?

The piece features some familiar, and colorful, turns of phrase from the talented writer. And it nearly packs a surprise. Early on he talks about interviewing Trump voters to get their take on both the president and why they supported the wildly unconventional candidate.

Fooled ya!

King polled six imaginary souls from his fertile imagination. The smugness is thick right from the start:

Although they come from varying walks of life and have attained varying degrees of education, none of these participants was stupid, venal or evil.

Even better, he pumped them with imaginary truth serum, just so at least one character can be seen as a racist.

Your fans deserve better, Uncle Stevie.

The Impeachment Brigade

Liberals started calling for Trump’s impeachment shortly after he was sworn in as president. King waited a little longer. In May, King reacted to Trump firing FBI Director James Comey on Twitter. Naturally, Trump’s legal move demanded action.

Time to start talking impeachment. Really. Enough is enough.

That got plenty of retweets, and possibly a mash note from Rep. Maxine Waters, but that was about it.

Channeling His Inner Tween

King is prolific on Twitter. That’s hardly surprising given the steady stream of novels he’s cranked out over the past 30-plus years. Sometimes he’s funny on social media. Other times he’s catty.

On June 1 he channeled his inner Mean Girl … complete with the hip acronyms.


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