Why Are Entertainment Industry Libs Treating Omicron Like It's a Monster?

Why Are Entertainment Industry Libs Treating Omicron Like It's a Monster?
(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)

The progressives in the entertainment industry have decided to begin 2022 by partying like it’s 2020.

Despite the fact that even the Covid panic porn “experts” are saying that the Omicron variant isn’t even remotely as severe as any iteration of this virus that has preceded it, Hollywood sheep are fleeing for the safety of their virtual pens as if they were facing the Bubonic plague in 1350.

A couple of live event casualties were announced on Wednesday.

The big one was the Sundance Film Festival:

OK, that’s not a complete casualty, as the event will continue as a glorified Zoom meeting. A big part of the appeal of Sundance, however, is seeing people, and being seen, at the events. Schmoozing is as important as the films and this will be the second year without any.

Well, officially anyway.

Libs are such hypocrites when it comes to Covid protocols that they’ll probably all still be hanging out mask-free at private parties in Park City. The move online gives them a cover for partying without having to pretend to actually be concerned about Omicron in public.

The Grammys actually did just punt, and this was the spin:

More from Variety:

UPDATED: As expected, the Grammy Awards have been postponed due to coronavirus-related concerns, an Academy spokesperson has confirmed to Variety. No new date has been confirmed as of yet.

While the 2022 show had been moving full speed ahead to take place on Jan. 31 before a full audience at its traditional venue, the Arena (formerly known as the Staples Center) in downtown Los Angeles, the recent Covid-19 surge has caused the postponement or cancellation of multiple events across the country. Sources tell Variety that even though the Arena has a basketball or hockey game or a concert booked nearly every night until mid-April, enough artists and executives voiced reluctance about appearing to convince the Academy to postpone the show.

Grammy producers probably heaved a sigh of relief, given the way awards shows have been hemorrhaging viewers in recent years. They’ve just spared themselves having to spend the day after the show being bombarded with “Lowest Ratings in Years” headlines.

Since we’re behind the paywall I may as well float a conspiracy theory. As I’ve said a lot lately, I was never much of a conspiracy guy but after 2020 I’ve got a closet full of tinfoil hats.

As we are all aware, the entertainment industry skews heavily left. Because the upper echelon of the industry throws so much money at the Democrats, it’s very well connected with the higher-ups in the party.

We have all been discussing for a while the fact that it behooves the Democrats to keep the Covid panic going through the election this year as it’s the only chance they have to pull another fast one.

I’m thinking that there is a very real possibility that none of this has anything to do with “concerns” about the surge in Omicron cases. It could just be that the people who are professionals at putting on shows are doing so at the behest of their besties at the Democratic National Committee. The panic must go on, after all.

Or it could just be that they’re all a bunch of wusses.