Nothing to See Here: Philly Man Suspected of Raping Woman, While Bystanders Filmed, Is in the U.S. Illegally

Nothing to See Here: Philly Man Suspected of Raping Woman, While Bystanders Filmed, Is in the U.S. Illegally
AP Photo/Gregory Bull

The recent brutal 37-minute rape of a woman on a Philly subway train—videotaped by people who couldn’t be bothered to call the police—is the latest cost of being “woke.”

Timothy Bernhardt, the Upper Darby, Pa., police superintendent, suggested that the bystanders might face charges.

What about the woke politicians and judges who continually allow illegal rapists to remain in the U.S.? Can we have them arrested yet? If not, maybe the left can give us a number—how many women and kids will they allow to be raped before the left recognizes the rights of women and kids to NOT be sexually assaulted?

The alleged Philly rapist, Fiston Ngoy, 35, originally from Congo, is here illegally. A judge allowed him to stay in the U.S. despite a 2015 conviction for sex abuse. He was scheduled for deportation until an immigration judge decided his sex crime wasn’t a “serious crime.”

How woke can a leftist judge be?

Remember when the mayor of Philadelphia danced when Philly became a sanctuary city?

Remember when, immediately afterward, an illegal immigrant, whom Philly refused to turn over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), raped a young child?

Please remind me as to why the Democrats consider themselves to be the party that supports women.

The problem with leftists is that they are too woke to even consider that some illegal immigrants are criminals, even when some of those criminals prey on women and girls. When WE say it, we are “racists.” If not wanting women and kids to be raped and murdered is a sign of racism, sign me up.

Like Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Md., a sanctuary county, doesn’t seem to learn either. They released Rene Ramos-Hernandez, rather than turn him over to ICE as requested. He went on to rape a seven-year-old girl “at least ten times.” Montgomery County should know better by now. They arrested eight illegal immigrants for sexual assault in under two months, at least one of whom had a prior conviction for sexual assault. Some people Democrats don’t learn, and women and kids pay the price.

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Arizona gets it. They arrested an illegal immigrant with a history of convictions for child rape and incest. He was turned over to U.S. Marshals, rather than being freed for the sake of woke.


The Texas Department of Public Safety reported roughly 251,000 illegal immigrants arrested and charged with various crimes between June 1, 2011, and April 30, 2018. Of those arrested, 7,156 were charged with various forms of sexual assault. That’s just in Texas, where, thankfully, rapists are arrested, even if they are illegal immigrants whom the progressives adore. Philadephia should pay attention to Texas.


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