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Plan B and A Note About Ban Ki-Unsustainable

While Obamacare has been completing its incubation this past week and emerging as a full-blown, pre-existing condition designed to cripple America, I’ve been in Turkey — making the rounds in Ankara, Istanbul and slightly further afield. This is one of the few countries in the world where I actually enjoy traveling by bus. They serve coffee, tea and snacks enroute, usually with a lot more courtesy and a greater variety of offerings than most long haul flights on American airlines.

As an American I find it’s much more pleasant to become absorbed in Turkish bus trips, or even Turkish politics, than to sit watching, with a sense of helpless horror while Barack Obama triumphantly destroys U.S. medical care — apparently in a gesture of tribute to his deceased mother.

But there are obligations back home. This evening, fortified by an Efes Pilsen, I had to come fully back online to survey the scene. And, not for the first time, it gets tempting to weigh the options. There’s the wonderful old American way, in which you fight for freedom, celebrate it, do whatever you can to protect it; you work hard, take risks, take responsibility for what you choose to do with your life –and glory in the rewards. And then there’s the growing heap of incentives to just try to tune it all out, cash in what you can, and walk away (or run) — and maybe just ride that Turkish bus forever; anything, as long as there is no need to ever again listen to the ruinous nonsense coming out of Washington.

This is fanciful thinking, of course. I’ll be back at work in the morning, and so will most folks who find it unbearable to tune in right now to the news. But it sure is tempting to escape into daydreams these days … though back to our usually scheduled programming with the next post…

.Or sooner …  Let’s note in passing that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon just made his second trip to Gaza in 14 months, and managed yet again (someone please correct me if I’m wrong — but I fear I’m not) to parade and pontificate for the cameras without once uttering the word “terrorism.” In Ban’s scheme of the world, it seems, the problem with Gaza is not that it is run by Hamas terrorists, but that any effort to try to block them from killing people is “unacceptable” and “unsustainable.”