The Rosett Report

Cheerios and Climate Change

Here’s a puzzle: General Mills is in trouble with the Food and Drug Administration for allegedly violating federal law by advertising Cheerios as “clinically proven” to do good things for you.

But the same federal government that runs the FDA is now pushing via the Environmental Protection Agency for carbon dioxide restrictions that would cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars, on grounds that reducing CO2 emissions would be good for public health. Scientifically, and economically, no matter what you’ve been told by the United Nations or the EPA (or Al Gore or Barack Obama or Maurice Strong or the Man in the Moon) there is plenty of well-grounded skepticism about claims that lowering CO2 emissions will affect “global warming” (or combat “climate change” — or intercede at all in whatever aspect of the climate the eco-marketers have most recently latched on to).

So why is the FDA giving Cheerios a hard time, but doing nothing about the CO2 pseudo-science of the EPA? Here’s a prescription that would really do good things for you. Let the FDA go after the EPA over the CO2 racket, and leave the rest of us to hash out with General Mills the truth about Cheerios.