Dr. Gosnell's Little House of Horrors

As more and more information is revealed  about the House of Horrors abortion Doctor Gosnell ran for years in Philadelphia, the story grows ever more gruesome. Today we learn  that Steve Massof, who worked there and posed as a doctor, testified he killed — by severing their spinal cords with scissors — about 100 viable babies. All this while the state and local governments looked the other way, ignoring their obligations to oversee medical facilities, rather than risk appearing  to be  anti-abortion.


On Friday, another former employee, Steven Massof, 48, of Mount Lebanon, near Pittsburgh, was arraigned on two counts of murder and related offenses involving the deaths of two viable babies. He is being held without bail.

The gruesome details were outlined in a 261-page Philadelphia grand jury report.

“Although Massof was not as cavalier about what he did, he admitted that there were about 100 instances in which he severed the spinal cord after seeing a breath or some sign of life,” the report said.

Massof testified that Gosnell taught him the scissors-in-the-neck technique to “ensure fetal demise,” the report said.

My take is that liberal women, pro-choicers and the Dems have sold themselves as friends of poor blacks, and this case illustrates beyond peradventure of doubt that they care little about genocide of black babies unless the murders happened  in the Sudan.



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