New IRS Chief Apologizes for 'Phony' Abuse Scandal

Two questions for President Obama. One, if there isn’t a “smidgen” of corruption in the IRS scandal, why did Lois Lerner take the Fifth? Two, if the scandal is “phony,” why is the man that you picked to lead the IRS apologizing?


The new head of the IRS has apologized to those who suffered because of the agency’s targeting of conservative groups, after he testified before a House subcommittee for the first time.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told reporters after the hearing before the House Ways and Means Committee that the singling out of such organizations for special scrutiny would be “intolerable,” and vowed the IRS is not doing so now.

“It won’t happen going forward,” Koskinen said. “And to the extent that people suffered accordingly, I apologize for that.”

President Obama’s behavior seems intended to signal that he doesn’t really know very much about what goes on in his administration. But at the same time, his behavior says the exact opposite: He does know what’s going on, he was fully aware of the abuse as it happened, and is actively obstructing investigations into it right now.


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