LOLCare: Signed Up Just 51,000 Applicants During Its First Week

The Daily Mail says it got the first week’s Obamacare numbers, and they’re pitiful.

Just 51,000 people completed Obamacare applications during the first week the website was online, according to two sources inside the Department of Health and Human Services who gave MailOnline an exclusive look at the earliest enrollment numbers.

The career civil servants, who process data inside the agency, confirmed independently that just 6,200 Americans applied for health insurance through the problem-plagued website on October 1, the day it first opened to the public.

Neither HHS nor the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services would comment on the record about the numbers. Enroll America, the president’s organization of health care ‘navigators’ who are charged with helping Americans sign up, didn’t reply to a request for information about its level of success so far.

The White House also did not respond to emails seeking comment.


The White House has in fact dodged questions about the Obamacare enrollment numbers from day one. Well, when those questions were asked. The White House press and puppet corps didn’t even bother to query about the Obamacare rollout during its first chance to ask the president direct questions about it on Tuesday.

Just to get a sense of how pitiful those numbers are, I ran a couple of email campaigns when I managed communications at the Texas GOP that netted nearly as many email addresses — just in Texas.

For another sense of perspective, the Obama administration claims that 48,000,000 million Americans lack health insurance. Thanks to the pathetic Obamacare rollout, nearly all of them still do. Actually, it’s likely that more Americans lack health coverage now than on October 1, thanks to insurers and employers canceling plans because of Obamacare’s mandates.

And for yet another, perhaps more poignant perspective shifter, Sen. Ted Cruz’s website has attracted more than 2 million signatures from people who oppose Obamacare.

Of course, one of the major differences between my Texas GOP effort and the Cruz petition, and the Obamacare web site, is that our sites worked from the start, while is still an expensive festival of glitches.




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