Texas Republican Files Bill to Add Firearms Education to State High School Electives

State Rep. James White (R-19) has filed a bill that would allow local school boards to create a new high school elective in Texas public schools: Firearms education.


“The origins of liberty in our great nation reside in large part with the idea espoused in the Second Amendment,” said Representative White. “As a conservative, I want Texas students to have the option to learn more about both this critical part of our Constitution, and the practical knowledge of how to safely operate the common arms Texans use for hunting and self-defense.”

HB 1142 would educate students about firearm safety and training, and hunter’s safety. All instructors would be required to be a qualified and certified handgun instructor, or a licensed peace officer employed by a local law enforcement agency. This optional course would involve students learning proper maintenance, cleaning, and safe use of common firearms such as: pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns. The bill would also provide for education on the history and importance of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Read more on White’s bill here.

James White is part of the class of 2010 in the Texas legislature, in which Texas Republicans won over 100 seats in the state House for the first time in state history. White defeated the last east Texas Democrat then elected to the state House, finishing a change that had been underway for years as Texans abandon the statist Democrats for the more business and family friendly GOP.

Rep. White is a black conservative Republican who served as a combat training officer in the US Army. He is also a former high school teacher.



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