Detroit Dems Get Short End of the Bat in Bet with Their Leader

While badgering Republicans about not working through the campaign recess, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) notified the media yesterday about her World Series bets.


Pelosi made wagers with Michigan Dems John Dingell, John Conyers, Sandy Levin, and Hansen Clarke over the matchup between the San Francisco Giants and the Detroit Tigers. The Giants won the first game in the series last night.

If the Tigers win, Pelosi must send her colleagues “an assortment of San Francisco’s finest chocolates from Ghiradelli, TCHO, and See’s Candies.” (As a native Californian, I’d prefer some Molinari salami from SF.)

If the Giants win, Pelosi gets the better of the bet with four gift baskets headed her way: Zingerman’s Deli food from Dingell; a “Motown Basket,” filled with Detroit-made items like Faygo Pop and Better Made Chips from Conyers; chocolate from Sanders Fudge, Gayle’s Chocolate, and Morley Candy, along with Garden Fresh Gourmet salsa and iconic Vernors from Levin; and Coney dogs from Clarke.

“I look forward to watching an exciting World Series with the Detroit Tigers, but I am confident that the spirit, heart, grit, and determination of this Giants team will bring them and the City of San Francisco another World Series ring,” Pelosi said. “Detroit may be known for its Motown music, but Tiger fans will only be singing the blues while the Giants faithful celebrate our World Series victory with some fine Michigan delicacies.”


“Just like the auto industry, the Tigers are roaring back to the World Series,” Conyers quipped.

“Leader Pelosi can appreciate a fast pitch, a big bat, and the steady hand of a good manager, and I look forward to enjoying good chocolate again in her Speaker’s office. Let’s play ball,” Levin said.



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