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Drunkblogging the Mississippi Primary

When the ballots were counted, Obama ran away with Mississippi, beating Clinton with, as of this writing, a clear majority of all votes cast.

The Rush Limbaugh Effect wasn’t enough to put Clinton over the top in Mississippi. It wasn’t even enough to put her in the running. None of this was unexpected. If there was any excitement to be found in the political world today, it wasn’t to be found in Mississippi. For the big fun, you had to go to the Big Apple. Well, Albany, anyway.

Despite being caught paying at least three grand to a hooker — and maybe 80 grand or more over the last six years or so — New York Governor Eliot Spitzer is threatening to hold onto his job. That is, if New York lawmakers don’t impeach him.

But is all really said and done in the Democratic race? Is there no more fun to be had as Obama coasts his way to the nomination?

Oh, hell no!

The fun is just getting started.

Check this out. Start with comments today by Geraldine Ferraro, who you may or may not remember once ran for vice president with Biggest Loser Almost Ever Walter Mondale. Ferraro made remarks to the effect that Obama wouldn’t be where he is today if he weren’t black. When confronted, she reiterated.

If you think conservative Republicans hate John McCain, wait’ll you see just how much left-of-center Democrats hate slightly-more-left-of-center Democrats. You ain’t seen nothin’ till you see what happens in the run-up to Pennsylvania. And if Clinton hangs on past the Keystone State? Well, let me put it this way — I’m not going anywhere near Denver during the Democratic convention. Not on Pajamas Media’s budget, anyway. And certainly not without the very latest in body armor technology.

It’s like 1968 all over again, but with cleaner clothes and better haircuts. Mostly, anyway.

What’s it all mean? Obama will get just over half of Mississippi’s delegates, and Clinton will get one or two fewer. What’s it really mean? Clinton is one state closer to being not the Democratic nominee. And we’re one state closer to the biggest fireworks display since, in a faked moment of passion, a Washington call girl had visions of her three thousand dollar paycheck.

11:35 am PDT — It’s impossible to talk about anything political today without first at least whispering a little something about New York Governor John Spitzer. Er… Eliot Spitzer. As I’m sure you know, he got caught in a rendezvous with a high-priced call girl last month. What you might not know is that Spitzer is also a Democrat Superdelegate — one whom Hillary Clinton was counting on to vote for her at the Denver convention.

Do you think the Democrats are going to let a known “john” anywhere near a convention? So score one more for Barack Obama.

Obama is expected to win Mississippi handily today, and not just because of that state’s large African-American population. All along, Obama’s strategy has been to work hard in the smaller states, southern states and in states with caucus voting. So far his strategy has paid off handsomely. The Democrats award delegates proportionately, meaning Clinton hasn’t been able to catch up — not even with wins in all of the big states bar Illinois.

Actually, Clinton lost Texas on a technicality. She won the popular vote, but the weird primary/caucus hybrid system used in Texas gave more delegates to Barack. Maybe she and Al Gore can cry over cocktails together. But that’s last week’s news.

Hillary must have been hoping for her big wins last Tuesday (Ohio, Rhode Island, and kind of in Texas) to give her momentum going into final ten votes between now and the convention. But Obama picked up Wyoming on Saturday, where all three of that state’s registered Democrats* shouted “Yes, we can!”

Will another loss tonight in Mississippi (“The Hard to Spell State”) suck dry whatever momentum Clinton gained last week? And will she have anything left at all by the time the big Pennsylvania primary rolls along on April 22?

Look for exit polls and vote tallies late this afternoon or early this evening, right here on Pajamas Media.

*That’s not true. Wyoming actually has upwards of seven registered Democrats.