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Clinton Takes Pennsylvania

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Grudging Respect for Hillary: “She was so deeply and clearly not a natural politician that the idea of her succeeding on her own steam in some other state has always seemed preposterous. But, lo and behold, this campaign has had transformational properties.” (Lisa Schiffren)

Race and Gender in PA Exit Polls (The Volokh Conspiracy)

Why She Won: “For all the campaigning and money spent, Hillary Clinton won Pennsylvania with the same base of white women, working class voters, and white men that revived her candidacy in Ohio last month.” (Politico)

What Does It Mean? (Power Line)

Hillary Wins: “Keith Olbermann just broke down in tears. Russert went running from the building. Chris Matthews can’t feel his legs.” (Taylor Marsh)

Obama Could Be Another Dukakis (Abe Greenwald)

Hillary Takes PA (ABC News)

Live Results (ABC News)

Women and older voters came out in force (AP)

Preliminary Exit Polls Show Few Last-Minute Deciders (ABC News)

PA Poll Wrap-Up (Pollster.com)

Obamas Order Cheesesteaks Correctly (Philly.com)

Heavy Turnout
(The Caucus)

The Second Comeback of Hillary Clinton (Hugh Hewitt)

Clinton, Obama & McCain Appear On WWE (PoliPundit)

10 Questions for a Pennsylvania Voter (iPol)

Problems at the Pennsylvania Polls? Obama campaign claiming that some voting machines were breaking down or not working, particularly in Philadelphia’s African-American precincts. (Mark Halperin)

Clinton Up 10 Points; Beats Margin of Error: “She now leads Obama, 51% to 41%, having gained three points over the past 24 hours as Obama lost one point, pushing her beyond the poll’s margin of error to create a statistically significant lead for the first time in the Pennsylvania daily tracking poll.” (Zogby/NewsMax)

Bill Clinton: Obama Campaign “Played the Race Card on Me” (Political Radar)

Bama-Geddon in Hill Ad: Starring Disaster, War and Osama (NY Post)

Five Things to Watch in Pennsylvania (Politico)

It’s the Whiner vs. the Iron Lady: “That hellish choice can be avoided if Obama can get close enough in Pennsylvania today to deny Clinton her major “electability” argument. But most of the polls say that Democrats just aren’t willing to accept Obama quite yet. And the race, such as it is, will go on.” (Right Wing Nut House)

Suffolk University Poll: Clinton over Obama 52-40% (Boston Herald)

Will It Be the Snob or the Liar? (Michelle Malkin)

Win or Lose in PA, Clinton Vows to Stay in Race (Chicago Tribune)

What You Need to Know about the PA Primary (WaPo)

The Candidates’ Last Pitches on TV (USA Today’s On Politics)

Pennsylvania Math Looks Good for Hillary (Protein Wisdom)

Latest Poll: Clinton Ahead 51-41% (Zogby.com)

Great weather, record turnout forecast as PA votes (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Bill Clinton Says the Primary System Isn’t Fair (Donklephant)

How To Figure Out Who’s Ahead Before Exit Polls Come In (Newshoggers)

Obama’s DC Troops Invade Pennsylvania (WaPo)

Don’t Put Any Stock in the Leaked Exit Poll Numbers: “When you look at New Hampshire, Super Tuesday and March 4, Obama does, on average, roughly 7 to 8 points worse in the actual, final results than in the leaked, unweighted exit polls –and sometimes the discrepancy is 15 points or more” (Irish Trojan in TN)

Clinton, Obama Duke It Out: “Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would love to come out of Pennsylvania with a win, but most political analysts agree that for Clinton, a victory is crucial.” (CNN)

Michael Moore Endorses Obama (Michaelmoore.com)

Is the Obama Campaign Too Obsessed With Delegates? (The Stump)

Hillary: If Iran Nukes Israel, I’ll Obliterate Them (Hot Air)

Wafflegate! Barack Obama got cranky with a reporter today when asked a question at a diner about Jimmy Carter meeting with Hamas. (TalkLeft)

Undecideds Flock to Clinton (Washington Times)

Clinton Camp ‘Categorically Denies’ Drudge Poll Rumor: “Clinton’s campaign team is doing its best to tamp down lofty expectations that could starve her campaign of much-needed momentum if the political chattering class decides that a less-than-double-digit win isn’t enough for her to realistically continue her presidential campaign.” (Raw Story)

Clinton Internals Show 11-Point Lead (Drudge)

Obama’s Site Hacked; Redirects Visitors to hillaryclinton.com (Netcraft)

Obama: ‘I’m Not Predicting a Win’ (Politico)

Everybody Likes Idea of ‘Dream Ticket’ (Obama/Clinton) Except, Well, Obama and Clinton (NY Times)

Tony Snow Joins CNN as Conservative Pundit, Beginning with Today’s PA Coverage (Big Head DC)

Latest InsiderAdvantage Pennsylvania Survey: Clinton 49%, Obama 39% (Southern Political Report)

Spike in New Dem Voters Could Cut Clinton’s Lead (Politico)

Clinton 49% Obama 44% (Rasmussen)