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PJM Political 1/17/08--The Director's Cut Interviews

Many of the segments on each week’s edition of PJM Political are edited to fit the show’s hour-long length. To hear the full-length versions of the edited interviews presented this week, just follow the links below:

  • Bill Bradley, the host of PJM Political provides a full recap of both parties in Michigan, the Democrats’ debate in Las Vegas, and offers a sneak preview of South Carolina, which you can listen to, here.
  • Burt Prelutsky on Senator Barack Obama, and Burt’s new book, The Secret Of Their Success.
  • Click here for this week’s James Lileks appearance. (And here for last week’s Lileks on PJM Political.)
  • Finally, tune into The Glenn & Helen Show to hear the full length version of their interviews with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Senator Hillary Clinton’s economic advisor, Gene Sperling.