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"Men are fundamentally more selfish"

Daily Pundit a href=”http://dailypundit.com/?p=26430″has a good post on why men /ado not want to become Big Brothers: emBECAUSE OF THE FEAR OF CHILD ABUSE ALLEGATIONS/em–Duh….why does anyone question this and try to make the lame argument thata href=”http://www.opinionjournal.com/taste/?id=110010240″ men are selfish?/a br /br /blockquoteSteven Rhoads, author of “Taking Sex Differences Seriously,” agrees with Prof. Putnam that women are much more social. But he focuses more on what he views as innate differences between the sexes. Men, he argues, are “fundamentally more selfish.” Unlike women, “they’re simply less interested in people. And they’re less empathetic.” According to Mr. Rhoads, the trick to getting them to volunteer lies in appealing to men’s egos, even their sense of duty and heroism. “Men need to be needed,” he tells me. “Make it clear: We need you and this is really important.”/blockquotebr /br /The media blares non-stop stories about perverts (men, of course, women can’t be perverts–they are “educators of young men”) snatching girls, police detectives and a href=”http://www.amw.com/safety/”even Ms. America /atrying to entrap men on the internet, domestic violence committed by men only and teachers (usually male) going to jail or fired for abuse allegations, the Duke rape case etc. And the BB/BS can’t figure out why any self-respecting man does not want to go within fifty feet of a child? Get a clue.