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Lunch Blogging

I just got back from lunch with a href=”http://www.thebitchgirls.us/?p=6535″Bitter Bitch /afrom The Bitch Girls who was driving through Knoxville with her lovely a href=”http://www.snowflakesinhell.com/?p=315″boyfriend/a on their way to a vacation of camping and shooting in Texas. a href=”http://www.saysuncle.com/”SayUncle/a joined us and we all compared notes on what it was like to meet bloggers in person–some are nicer than they seem online, some are exactly like their online persona and others are downright mean. I must say, that at this lunch, all of the guests were warm, charming and friendly. Both Bitter and SayUncle blog anonymously so no pictures are forthcoming, sorry. Anyone else out there ever met any bloggers in the flesh and if so, what was your impression–same as their online persona or different?