France Fights Climate Change by Banning Domestic Flights

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In the name of quixotically fighting something called “climate change,” the French government has now outlawed domestic flights in favor of trains, presumably to prime the slaves under its dominion for eventual mass-scale shipment at some point to a climate change concentration camp in the decaying outskirts of de-industrialized Paris for hard labor and re-education on the threat of carbon to carbon-based life on Earth.


Via CBS News (emphasis added):

France has passed a law banning some domestic flights and encouraging travelers to take the train instead. Under the new law, flights that can be replaced by a train journey of under two-and-a-half hours should be scrapped.

The ban on short-hop flights became law on Tuesday. However, France’s national airline had already canceled three routes that were deemed too high on carbon emissions. All three went from Paris’ second airport, Orly, serving Bordeaux, Lyon and Nantes. Those three cities are all on the country’s extensive high-speed rail network, and taking the train is also far faster than flying there.

Air France agreed to drop those direct routes in return for coronavirus financial assistance from the government in 2020. [Emphasis added]

That last paragraph there, slipped into the article without further examination, is interesting.

One of the net benefits of the COVID lockdowns was to incentivize the self-destruction of various industries by shutting them down in the name of Public Health™ and then dangling government money in their faces with various strings attached – in this case, voluntarily stopping certain domestic flights. It’s classic good cop-bad cop abusive behavior.


The quest for lower emissions has led European airlines to examine a number of options. Air France recently announced plans to renew its fleet in an effort to cut carbon emissions. It says it will also increase its use of sustainable aviation fuel.

The airline already has a train and air partnership with France’s national rail company SNCF in a bid to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. It allows travelers to combine plane and train reservations in one booking, essentially allowing people to quickly and easily compare methods of travel.

Aviation news website Runway Girl Network reports that Spanish airline Iberia is currently expanding its flight and train combination offer. Dutch airline KLM is buying up seats on high-speed trains from Schipol airport in Amsterdam to Brussels in a move to drop one of its daily flights between the two cities. [Emphasis added]

This whole idea of enforcing carbon-reduction measures on the population is also training for the eventual introduction of Chinese-style social credit systems that track activity and assign carbon scores to various activities. When the slave exceeds his or her or zher’s allotted carbon usage for the day or week or month, sanctions will ensue.


This is called techno-hell. Barring intervention from someone – maybe starting with the feckless McCarthy-led GOP House – it’s where the entire Western world is headed. And where the West goes, the rest follow.


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