The Dubliner: Washington, D.C.'s Own 'Emerald Isle'

The Dubliner  Beer

Ahh, Washington, D.C. in the fall.  Crisp monuments framed by changing leaves, fewer tourists, and local beer festivals.  It’s great; but hoping for something better?  How about Ireland in the fall?  After marauding across the countryside, a tired traveler can duck into a lively pub for a pint and good company…  Yes, please take me there!


One of my good friends was fortunate enough to leave for a vacation to the Emerald Isle last week and I was left here in D.C., wishing I could join her.  She was kind enough to email me gorgeous pictures of her adventures and travels—and give me a blow-by-blow account of her Guinness Factory Tour– I was left dreaming of Guinness, fantastic scenery, and cozy pubs.

But dreams are just dreams. I needed more.

I went in search of my own piece of Ireland here in the capital and was reminded of an old favorite: The Dubliner.


With a name like the Dubliner, it has to be good—and it is.

This Irish pub is located kitty-corner to historical Union Station and only a few blocks from the capitol grounds.  After a brisk walk around the monuments, a shopping trip through D.C., or a night out on the town, the Dubliner is a perfect place to escape and “tuck in” to a pint—or two.

This Irish pub is family run and extremely proud of its Celtic history. What I enjoy most about The Dubliner is that you feel like you are transported to Ireland as soon as you walk through the doors—which, I’m sure, is what the Coleman family hopes. The decorations make you feel like you are in an Irish bar straight out of Dublin—cozy and ready for a good time.

I’ve been to the Dubliner for both lunch and dinner—and I would recommend a visit whenever you are feeling hungry.  The menu sports items like the “Guinness Burger” (sirloin marinated in Guinness), classic Shepherd’s Pie (my favorite), and corned beef and cabbage. If you’re more in the mood for a liquid lunch, their drinks menu is sure to make you smile.  I’m proud to say that this young lass had her first Guinness at the Dubliner. The occasion was made even more memorable by the live band that was playing that night. Live bands play every night as a matter of fact! (Another great feature of the Dubliner.) If you’re curious who will be there tonight, check out the pub’s band schedule.


Good fare, good Guinness, and live, Irish music. I guarantee your night will be magical.  I suggest you stop in soon for a frosty glass of beer and perhaps an impromptu Irish jig or reel.

Where is it?

The Dubliner Irish Pub
Number 4 F Street NW

Washington, DC 20001

Who should go?

Lovers of Irish food, beer, music, and dance–or anyone looking for more “cultural” bar experience.


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