Black Coffee: The Starbucks Story Is Trash

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

This is a country of 325-million people. If two guys getting tossed out of a coffee shop is news, then things in Donald Trump’s America must be going pretty damned well.


But if the story were only meaningless trash, it would just be typical of American journalism. But it’s pernicious trash meant to advance a false left-wing narrative, which is — oh yeah! — typical of American journalism. In fact, this particular story is a textbook example of why our journalism needs reform.

American journalism is a largely Democrat affair. About 7% of journalists identify as Republicans. About 28% identify as Democrats. About 50% identify as independents but they are lying and are also Democrats. Although many news outlets don’t permit their reporters to donate to political campaigns, of those reporters who did donate in the last election, 96% donated to Hillary Clinton.

Now. Ever since Barack Obama diverted attention from his failed presidency by race baiting, the majority of Democrats have come to feel that America is a racist country. (The majority did not feel this way before Obama. Strange, no?).

Furthermore, black voters vote Democrat by huge margins so it stands to reason the America-is-racist narrative is a winner for the Democrat party.

So journalists are Democrats and Democrats believe America is racist and the America-is-racist narrative helps Democrats. Thus, incidents that can be spun to make America look racist will make the news.

Which reminds me of an old joke. Two black men walk into a Starbucks —  a leftist company that is unlikely to encourage old-fashioned racism — in Philadelphia, a multi-racial city where a Starbucks would be serving people of all colors all day every day without incident. But these two jokers, according to their own version of events, refused to follow the store rules and make a purchase. They were asked to leave by the manager, Holly, a “social justice feminist.” When they refused, she called the police and calmly reported, “I have two gentlemen in my cafe that are refusing to make a purchase or leave.” The police arrived and likewise asked the guys to leave and they refused to obey the police. So they were taken out in cuffs, though never charged.


The usual puerile race-mongers showed up to protest and call for boycotts. The usual puling apologies, firings and Soviet-style re-education followed. And it’s news.

Only it’s not news. It’s two guys in a nation of 325-million getting turfed from a coffee shop for acting like entitled jerks and then refusing to obey law enforcement. Or if it is news, the news is this: Democrats in journalism suffering from groupthink and operating on confirmation bias cover a non-story which enhances their own delusions.

And so we all get the idea that America is racist. But I would like to suggest a different narrative. America is not racist. There are simply too many Democrats in American journalism. And they should stop acting like buffoons.

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