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FOA Doesn't Shut Down Not Over Donald Trump

On those occasions when one has personal knowledge of a news story, reading about it in the press can be like having your message come back around the circle in a game of Chinese Telephone. Amazing how distorted — how wrong — the media can get the facts. Here’s the headline from England’s Guardian newspaper on recent developments in a fellowship of Hollywood conservatives called Friends of Abe:

SECRETIVE GROUP OF HOLLYWOOD CONSERVATIVES SUDDENLY DISSOLVES: The Announcement by the Friends of Abe fueled speculation that infighting over Donald Trump’s candidacy had drained commitment.”

Really, that would be exactly right if it weren’t completely wrong. The gathering of show biz Republicans — which kept its membership secret so they wouldn’t get fired by the tolerant, open-minded, free-thinking leftists who run much of the movie business — hasn’t dissolved and Donald Trump had nothing to do with it. Plus it wasn’t all that sudden. Other than that: bingo.

The group, which grew from an informal gathering to a larger 501c3 organization, had become an administrative pain in the neck to the people who had to do much of the work of running it, so they decided to return it to its smaller, more informal roots.  A quote from producer Lionel Chetwynd to the effect that the recent GOP primaries had caused “a civil war in slow motion,” was totally taken out of context. Trump had nothing to do with the group’s decision. Asawin Suebsaeng at The Daily Beast did a much better job of reporting and got the story right.

Just FYI, for those who care.