Klavan On The Culture

The Palestine Lie

For me, the left’s support of the slavering terrorists of Palestine over the free, parliamentary democracy of Israel is proof positive of a world view that turns the moral world upside down.  Why is it the end result of relativism is always wickedness and violence and social decay, never the tolerance and peace and mutual understanding relativist philosophers promise?  Go figure.

On top of this, when it comes to Israel, the left consistently gets its facts wrong.  As a corrective, here’s a wonderful video made by my friends at Declaration Entertainment in conjunction with my friends at Encounter Books – it’s based on the recent Encounter Broadside by Sol Stern and narrated by Declaration’s inimitable Bill Whittle.  I’m afraid I don’t know who the magic hand is.  But it’s great stuff, really.  Take the time to watch:

Also, get Stern’s Broadside:  A Century of Palestinian Rejectionism and Jew Hatred.  I’ve plugged these pamphlets before and, really, they’re worth buying, owning and passing around.

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