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Smog Blogging From Beijing


One of my dearest friends is Clare Duffy – we went to Columbia Journalism School together – started talking on the first day and haven’t stopped since. She’s a “lifer” at NBC – she’s been working there since college, and rose through the ranks and is now a senior producer for NBC Nightly News (sorry, kids, some of my best friends are in the MSM…)

 Anyway, one of the great things about this here blogging revolution and how it’s filtered up to the media monoliths is that we get to hear – and see – more from the smart and talented people who generally toil behind the scenes and have spent more time covering national stories than they have adjusting their makeup and wardrobe and climbing the on-air ladder through various local stations.

One of Clare’s big job perks is getting to work the Olympics – I think this is her third or fourth go at it. Here’s her excellent Vlog from smoggy China.